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Hebei Lemont Biotechnology Co., LTD. actively focuses on the national “Agriculture, Resources and Industry” chain and takes “natural functional ingredients, food technology innovation, food safety testing” as the main guideline to build a globalized hi-tech industrial group integrating “scientific research, production, sales and service”.

total investment of RMB 1 billion

More than 25 years of industry experience

covering an area of 72,000 square meters


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Innovative research

Clean Label

On the basis of nearly 30-year experience of innovative application in the field of dairy & beverages, the new system of citrus fiber is applied to improvement of product stability and taste as well as substitute of colloid and starch.


Texture Improvement

Improves the dough operability, and makes the finished product softer and tastier by adding the new system of citrus fiber. As to sauce, water bleeding and product stability is the major problem to be solved. In the future we will provide more possibilities for health innovation.


Fat Substitute

Citrus fiber has a fat-like taste which makes low-fat products closer to the full taste of high-fat products. How to maintain the consistency in taste with the fat loss is our research focus.


Improvement of Product Yield

Bad taste due to freeze syneresis and repeated freeze-thaw are the focus of the meat industry. The advantage of Lemont new products is the ability to both keep the tender and juicy taste and to increase the yield of meat products. A number of researches have been completed and are applying for national patents.





Meat products

Ice cream


Frozen foods

Dietary nutrition

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